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Fab-tech is a regional fabricator of piping, vessels and vessel internals and structural fabrications for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, located in Baton Rouge the heart of the industrial corridor.  

Since its inception in 2005, Fabrication Technologies, LLC has proven themselves as a quality-based fabrication facility.  The primary focus early-on was piping and headers for the oil-field fracking industry. Over the past years, Fab-Tech has evolved to offer ASME Vessel design, vessel internals, structural steel, process piping, midstream fabrication and downstream fabrication.  Carbon steel and alloys are our specialty fabrication.  


The focus is to streamline the fabrication process, through automation where possible, to provide our customers with better lead time while maintaining a safe and quality-focused environment.  

With a highly-qualified, well-versed team of engineers, business managers, pipe fabricators and welders, Fab-Tech can meet any and all of your needs with the highest of quality and efficiency that fits the demand of your industry.  Just a sampling of what you are tapping in to by contacting FabTech for your needs:  

  • 25 years of certified alloy welding in a multitude of industries

  • 30 years of engineering experience with certified PEs

  • 30 years of business development on staff in the industrial industry

  • 25 years project management in the oil and gas industry

  • 16 years experience vessel, piping, stress analysis and mechanical design

  • 20 years experience with CAD and 3-D solid modeling of piping and structures

We hope that Fab-Tech's business model is a fit for your company needs.  Please contact us to further discuss our capabilities in detail.  

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